The Prince and the Troubadour

I wouldn’t call myself a lucky person in the least. I am not one of those people who stumble upon dollar bills and definitely not one of those people who win radio contests (One Direction or Justin Bieber/Carly Rae Jepsen anybody?). It just doesn’t happen. However, with this internship at the 1st Stage, I practically struck gold. I walked into the theater once and they asked me to assistant stage manage Flora the Red Menace. I walk in a week or so after that run is over and I am asked to STAGE MANAGE the children’s show The Prince and the Troubadour. Of course I am happy and excited to do it. I mean realistically I don’t know how many other professional shows I am going to stage manage in the immediate future. However, I am also freaking out. The difference (I believe) between stage managing at the 1st Stage and most other theaters is at the 1st Stage the stage manager also runs the lighting and sound for the show. This may be obvious based on past posts, but let me emphasize the fact that I have zero experience stage managing, running lights, and running sound. Clearly I am qualified for this job. Anyway, I was pacing around the theater asking my boss and the director, “Are you sure you want me to do this?” I believe the director may have been a bit nervous with me, but he and my boss agreed that I would learn. In fact, this is the point of the internship: to learn. I was still skeptical because I don’t really trust myself and the show was going to premier in three days.

After only two runs of the show, pacing, stressful thoughts, and fast talking, here is to the anticlimactic ending: I learned! One point for experience. Thank goodness. There were only a couple of times between the opening weekend and this weekend where that bitch of a light board decided to stop working. And only one call to the sound expert asking why the sound wasn’t working—well this might seem silly but are the speakers on?.. Oh. Thus far, a success.

The only aspect we would like to gain is a bigger audience; here is the part where I am going to talk this show up. The Prince and the Troubadour was produced by the Virginia Children’s Theater Company and written by Rex Daugherty and Doug Wilder and directed by Rex Daugherty. The cast includes Doug Wilder as the Prince, Bradley Smith as the Troubadour, Julia Fanning as the Princess, and Marta Kotzian as the Witch. Because I hate writing summaries this one is provided by the 1st Stage: “Children will be captivated by the hilarious adventures of a misfit Prince attempting to rescue his ne’er-do-well friend, the Troubadour, from the clutches of a witch who wishes to have him ‘FOR DINNER’! To save his friend, the Prince teams up with Princess Mary, the martial arts extraordinaire, to overcome bandits, trolls, and bad-hair days to reach the tower where the witch holds the Troubadour captive and is busy making dinner reservations.” Honestly, this is the cutest show and is absolutely hilarious both for kids and adults, kind of like Sponge Bob or Phineas and Ferb. The acting is great, the script and music is clever, and I must say the lighting and sound is spot on… most times. Might I also point out that an accordion is used.

The Prince and the Troubadour runs at the 1st Stage Theater until July 29, 2012 on Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm and 2pm.


Also, on a side note the Capital Fringe Festival starts this week from July 12 to July 29 and I am volunteering at the box office (can you say free tshirt?)! For those of you who don’t know anything about the Fringe Festival it is (according to their website) “…the only major unjuried, self-producing, open-access Festival in the Washington, DC area and occurs in July each year. The Fringe Festival provides all artists, whether new or established, a venue to express and develop their talents and artistic visions in total freedom.”

Come check both The Prince and the Troubadour and the Fringe Festival out. Specifically I am going to do my best to attend (although I don’t think I am allowed to show biases as a volunteer) the freshman 15/life in transition, The Every Fringe Show You Want To See in One Fringe Show Fringe Show, The Confines of Flattery, The Brontes, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

Check out the Fringe’s website:


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