No More Apples.

If you saw Flora you would get that reference, but if not I am probably judging you.

Thank goodness for you, readers no longer have to read about Flora the Red Menace. At least until after I write this post. The final performance was last night (June 17th) and we had almost a full house for the matinee, which is pretty darn awesome. It always helps to end the show with a bang.

Any who, being the assistant stage manager or really whatever I was has made me realize one thing: I really like acting. It’s not that I don’t like working backstage; if someone asks me to do it again I would totally do it. Working backstage is just different. Because I have acted and enjoy it there is that shallow part of me that really just admittedly likes being in the spotlight and creating a new character. This sounds awful and I don’t mean that I am a complete attention whore. Just a little bit.

Like I have mentioned before I am really lucky to have been able to work with such a talented cast of people. By watching and hearing them perform I have learned a lot about how to be a better actor. Also, seeing all of the fun and clever choreography in this show has made me want to really try to get back into dancing. I definitely need a ton of practice if I ever want to do a musical again, but maybe I can learn? We shall see. I am also really glad that our stage manager was just so relaxed but got done what needed to be done. I had very little backstage experience so coming in I was intimidated but it was fine. All I had to do was what I was told to do and now I have a better understanding of the function of a stage manager. So fantastic.

Working back stage for Flora was definitely a lucky and timely opportunity for me. If I had waited another day to start my internship I would have been cleaning the costume closet backstage the whole summer, so yeah as bored as I may have been on occasion this was much better. By a long shot.

Even though this show is done my internship is not done yet. I think I am helping with the upcoming children’s show at the 1st Stage, which is The Prince and the Troubadour. It will be performed by the Virginia Children’s Theater Company. So more exciting experiences hopefully! Also, I will be volunteering at the Capital Fringe Festival in July, which means free tickets and a free tshirt (let’s be real, the tshirt is why I am doing this). Basically my summer is shaping up to be very theatrical.

As for the next couple of blog posts I am still waiting on actor interviews so hopefully I will be able to post some more soon. Tomorrow I am seeing an early screening of HBO’s newest show The Newsroom. It airs Sunday, June 24 at 10PM. I will let y’all how it is. It is actually very exciting because it is written by Aaron Sorkin, writer of The Social Network and Moneyball. I am expecting high quality however I kind of hope I don’t like it too much because I don’t have HBO. Sigh—first world problems.

With that I finish this random blog post and say good bye to Flora and Communism.


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