Flora Week 3 (June 1-June3)

Basically what I spend my time backstage doing.

I cannot imagine how I forgot to do this. My week was basically characterized by me watching The Walking Dead and Modern Family. I don’t know if I matters since I have nothing exceptional to say. Realistically you don’t want me to go on about all of the aspects of the show that went right. Well, let me tell you that it was a successful weekend… Assuming I am recalling this information correctly. It already feels like ages ago and I can’t quite remember.

I will say though that the lack of disasters is both good and bad for me. It’s good because I do something other than sitting on my behind for two and a half hours. It’s bad for the obvious reason that something bad happened.

Anyway I won’t keep going on and on about my enormous power and responsibility as the assistant stage manager (yeah I have a title!). I do like this job though. It might not be the most exciting but it is definitely a start and gets me out of the house, which my mom appreciates.

Keep a look out though this week for another few posts. I will have the fourth week report and… wait for it… interviews with the actors! Woot!


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