Hot Chelle Rae at Mason Day!

Last Friday (May 27th), I got to see the band Hot Chelle Rae perform for free at Mason Day (WOOT!). Not expecting anything too great, I went basically because HCR is a slightly known band and it was free. Much to my pleasant surprise, my expectations were greatly surpassed. They were actually really good.

I have little knowledge and understanding of music. In fact, many would say that my taste in music sucks. My response: Whatever (see what I did there?- If not look it up). Because I shouldn’t, I am not going to talk about musical ability and vocal skill.

To all of you “hipster” music people who are already rolling your eyes, hold on and give me a second. There is one thing I can talk about, which is stage performance. Obviously Hot Chelle Rae has stage presence, they were the only ones on stage, but it goes past that. The band is so funny and they really want to get the audience involved in the show. They brought a couple of girls on stage to rap part of their song “­­­­­­­I Like it Like That”. They also showed off one of their first songs ever written “Emo” (it was written by Ryan Follesé and Nash Overstreet, before HCR I believe). This song is hilarious though because they are just making fun of the emo era of music. I just wish it was on ITunes. They also performed a cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and it was pretty awesome actually. It was just a fun concert to go to.

If you like HCR’s song Tonight Tonight then I am recommend that you listen to the rest of their album because you will probably like it. If you don’t like it, well you’re lame. They also have some great summer-driving-let’s-blast-the-music-in-my-car songs and who doesn’t like that?

In more exciting news, if you live in NoVa, you still have the chance to see Hot Chelle Rae perform with Demi Lovato at Wolf Trap in June. If you are interested you should get on that, well actually you can’t because the tickets are not on sale yet, but keep a look out.

Okay, I’m done.


“Tonight Tonight” because I think the music video is amusing:



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