The 84th Academy Awards

For everyone who lives under a rock, the 84th Academy Awards took place two nights ago. It is the event I have personally been waiting for all year, although it helped that my birthday also happened to be on the same day. I would like to let the record show that I liked this year’s show. I was very much entertained watching the Oscars (although my entertainment was also generally higher due to nerdy excitement).

The 84th Academy Awards had two things going for it: Billy Crystal and (some) celebrity spontaneity. This was the first time I saw Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars and from what I have read online, his performance was expected. (This is not the spontaneity I refer to). As EW writer Ken Tucker worded it, “Crystal has achieved that status of being as reassuring as he is funny — you feel relaxed watching him, knowing he’s in charge and alert to the mood of the house.” The idea was that the Academy was able to expect a show that wouldn’t be bashed the next day. The way I see it is Billy Crystal, as scary as he may be, is a natural born entertainer. Sorry James Franco, as great of an actor as you are, you just didn’t have it. Crystal is not that host that is a side thought. He understood what was happening and made you want to listen to him. And he also had this funny running joke about the Oscars being located in the “Chapter 11” Theater. Yeah, I giggled.

As for celebrity spontaneity, let us just relive a Jim Rash moment. The moment when Rash was standing back as his co-writers accepted Best Adapted Screenplay for The Descendants (yay!), he was mimicking Angie’s right leg pose. What made it even better was that Jolie was in this stance a few feet behind him. Then there was the truly touching moment when Octavia Spencer seemed genuinely surprised to have won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. It was adorable. Obviously you can’t prepare for moments such as this, but clearly the feeling at 2012’s Oscars was more relaxed. Everyone came to celebrate the movies and no one was falling asleep from boredom.

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