The Mason Improv Association

Don’t worry guys, I have returned. I know you were worried.

I want to discuss a group that you will most likely only see if you attend George Mason University. However, I feel like bringing it up anyway. The Mason Improv Association, MIA for short. The MIA is run through Mason’s theater department and performs what is called long form improvisation. Basically at each of their shows, they ask someone from the audience to come on stage who has an interesting story to share. After getting enough information, MIA performs a number of short scenes that were inspired by the details of the story. It fascinates me how these actors are able to integrate these details into a scene they make up on the spot and it always seems to be hilarious. I am not even going to bother trying to give an example because you would just stare at your computer screen thinking that I am an idiot. I will say that there was always someone in the audience laughing.

At MIA’s shows they also invite a local comedian or improve group to perform. This time around it was a guy named Andrew Cook. I would provide a link or something so you too could bask in his hilarity, but he does not seem to obviously exist in the internet world. So never mind. Just believe me?

The bottom line, if you go to GMU or just decide to show up one day I recommend checking out MIA.


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