New Year’s Eve: Movie Review

Director: Garry Marshall

Writer: Katherine Fugate

Starring: Yeah.. not going to bother listing everyone.

I am going to answer a couple of questions before I get into the review. Is NYE like Valentine’s Day? Yes. Then, why would I want to watch the same movie twice? If you saw The Hangover 2, I am not even going to answer that question. Besides the premise, New Year’s Eve is fairly different from Valentine’s Day.

For those of you who have never seen VDay, NYE intertwines the stories of about/at least 18 people on New Year’s Eve. Personally I like movies and books that connect the paths of different people, as long as I can keep it straight (*cough*cough*He’s Just Not that into You*). NYE is cheesy in both jokes and story. As a matter of fact, you have undoubtedly heard every storyline in the movie at least once before. However, NYE will pull at your emotions; at one moment you will be thinking “Auh! That is so sweet!” and at the next moment you will be on the verge of tears.

Another aspect of this film are the countless A-list celebrities in its major roles, but be warned: this is definitely no one’s best performance and expect overacting. Those in smaller parts tended to be lesser-known actors (an exception that comes to mind is Ryan Seacrest) who are metaphorically causing you to bang your head against a wall trying to figure out where you have seen them. (Anyone recognize the mom from Spy Kids?)

With its faults I was entertained by New Year’s Eve because I came in expecting a tacky holiday film. I still laughed, almost cried, and began to celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, and the New Year.


Is the movie an Oscar contender? No.

Am I sorry I saw it? No.

Should I wait until DVD? Meh. Doesn’t matter. I didn’t feel like I wasted $11.50.

A random reason to see the movie: Listening to Ryan Seacrest and swooning over Zac Efron.


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