Brad Goreski

You know who is really great? Brad Goreski. Yes, he is the guy pictured above in the cheetah (leopard?) print suit. As silly as this would look on so many people, this suit looks fabulous on him. Now, “who is this guy?” you might ask. Goreski is a celebrity stylist and stars in Bravo’s new docu-series It’s a Brad Brad World that premiered last night (January 2nd). He is best known for being Rachel Zoe’s former assistant as seen on The Rachel Zoe Project. Now that Goreski has parted ways from Zoe, he is trying to make it big in the fashion industry on his own.

I know I am not alone on my reasons for thinking Brad Goreski is really great. For one thing (which I suppose makes sense given his career choice) is his sense of fashion, but also importantly his understanding and love of color. Goreski always uses color in bold ways. You can see his style for yourself by looking at PAPERMAG’s “Styled Like Me” shoot, in which Brad styled and modeled. He just always looks awesome. Brad Goreski is also completely adorable. It is partly the glasses, bowtie, and goofy smile. It’s also the way he interacts with boyfriend Gary Janetti and his two dogs and the funny thoughts that come out of his mouth (“Well, I can’t sit around and wait for people to call me and book me on jobs. No, I’m a man of action. I get my ass to Physique 57 and I sweat… If people aren’t going to hire me for my styling, at least they’re going to hire me for my cute thighs and my cute ass.”). Then there is the mysterious conflict with Rachel Zoe. Zoe has cut Goreski out of her life and “character assassinated” him for no clear reason, yet Goreski still has nice things to say about her.

Brad Goreski just seems like this nice guy who really loves his job. He loves dressing people in clothing that looks good and (thank goodness) he is good at it. If you are in need of a stylist choose Brad because he is definitely going places.

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For more watch: It’s a Brad Brad World, Mondays at 10pm on Bravo.


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